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Digital Society

Tune in to hear about policy debates on challenges our societies face amidst digitalisation

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Dissemination of Fake News on Health via Social Media

Interview with Prof. Lesley Chiou

Episode #5: Tune in for an interview with economics professor Lesley Chiou about her research on fake news dissemination on social media. The research examines dissemination of disinformation on health – and the spread of fake news about vaccination – on Facebook in particular.

Hear about:

  • How people use social media for health information 

  • How social media affects the way people go about their health 

  • The role of advertising in the dissemination of fake news 

  • 'Echo chamber' effect in Facebook anti-vaccine groups

  • Insights on Covid-related fake news on social media 


How will EU go about disinformation online:

Interview with Renate Nikolay

Episode #1: In this episode, hear about the EU regulatory plans for online platforms and other digital players to tackle disinformation (aka 'fake news'). The podcast features an interview with Renate Nikolay, the Head of Cabinet of the European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova who is leading the Commission’s work in this respect.

The public debate about platform accountability for online content has escalated when several social media platforms deactivated Donald Trump’s accounts, in the aftermath of the riots at the Capitol Building. It has been questioned extensively how such company decisions can be reconciled with the freedom of speech.

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